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Random Ramsdom: Week One Kicks Off!

I can't even express how excited I am for the season. Last night was a great start to the year. I'll be at the Georgia Dome for the Rams game, and I'll be attending my first Carolina Panthers game when they host the Rams in October. Expect live Tweeting and a game wrap-up afterwards. For now, click on for your Friday edition of the most read St. Louis Rams site on the interwebs.

Hopefully we will see lot's of touchdown celebrations on Sunday.
Hopefully we will see lot's of touchdown celebrations on Sunday.
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Broncos Roll Over Ravens

In case you missed it, the 2013 NFL season is in full swing. The Denver Broncos, led by Peyton Manning's seven touchdown performance, won the opening game of the season against the defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens. If you watched this game, you can't help but get excited about the season. Folks love to see offense, and this game delivered plenty of it. The teams combined for 932 total yards and 10 touchdowns. I know right?!

Breaking it Down

Jamal Collier over at BR does a good job of discussing the game plan for the Rams, who host the Arizona Cardinals this Sunday. The game plan seems pretty simple to me:

1. Get the ball to Givens early and often

2. Use Jared Cook's big body in red zone situations and take advantage of mismatches.

3. Get Tavon Austin the ball in space.

4. Pound the rock.

5. Get to Carson Palmer. Intense pressure = Larry Fitzgerald's impact being minimized.

6. Minimize penalties.

ESPN- Nick Wagoner NFC West Blog

If you don't follow Nick on Twitter you are missing out. The man used to write for the St. Louis Ram's official site, and now writes for ESPN covering the Rams. Nick's latest talks about the Ram's youth and how they aren't hiding behind the youngster excuse. Exclusive Interview with Daryl Richardon

My impression of Daryl Richardson is a humble, hardworking, respectful young man. This interview solidifies that impression.




Coffin Rock

Loving Football in the 90's

Riley, Come On Man!

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper just can't stay out of the spotlight. While it's not clear why the altercation started, one thing is clear: Riley Cooper continues to be a distraction for the Eagles.

Friday Jam: