Welcome Mountaineers!

I ran across an article posted by "The Daily Athenaeum" on Monday September 2. It seems that members of the "Rams Street Team" and front office went to Morgantown for the WVU home opener.

The vice president of Marketing and Brand Strategy, Mr. Brian Killingsworth said, "With Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey joining our team this year, we thought the best way to bring the Mountaineer and Rams Nations together was to send our Rams Street Team to Morgantown for a little road trip."

I hadn’t heard anything about this and it just shows how much the Rams organization has improved in the new regime.

Killingsworth went on to say, "The passion for the team is unsurpassed. Everywhere we went throughout our trip, WVU fans were constantly telling us how they are now St. Louis Rams fans," he said. "We had heard about Mountaineer Nation before Tavon and Stedman joined the Rams, but the way they travel and support their team is the best in college football."

That reminded me of my own journey to becoming a Rams fan. I lived in OKC and followed Sam Bradford’s career at OU. When he was drafted by the Rams I became a fan and I’ve been waiting since 2010 for him to have the kind of year I know he is capable of.

I fully understand how WVU fans of Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey feel, and why they have joined the Rams nation. I hope they don’t have to wait as long as I have to see a winning season and their local hero’s succeed.

Rampage made the trip and when they heard that a lot of fans were heading to Norman on Saturday, and then swinging by St. Louis on Sunday for the Rams game. The front office set up discounted tickets for WVU fans making the trip to see Bailey and Austin in their first NFL game.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that TST was the best place for information about the Rams, and I’ve seen a few new names showing up from WVU fandom.

I think all of us members from TST should give them a hardy welcome! The more Rams fans the better in my book.

So if you ended up here by following Tavon and Stedman, say hello and if you haven’t signed up please do. I’d welcome your insight on these two guys that you had the pleasure of watching for the last 4 years.

Welcome to TST!