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Turf Show Times Power Rankings: Week One

Some members of the Turf Show Times staff open up their power rankings for the first week of the 2013 NFL season.

Justin Edmonds

It's finally here. It has come. Football has risen.

Tonight the defending Super Bowl Champions, the Baltimore Ravens will travel to the Mile High City to take on the Denver Broncos.

Many things come along with the start of a new season, but none more important than the weekly Turf Show Times Power Rankings. This year, 3k, Eric Nagel, Tevin Broner and I will provide out own individual power rankings each week. I will then take the average of these rankings, and make our collaborative power rankings.

There is no debate. This is the absolute correct list. No doubt. Our arbitrary rankings are superior in every way over all others.

Here are our individual rankings.

Brandon Joe Tevin Eric
1. 49ers Falcons Texans Seahawks
2. Falcons 49ers Broncos 49ers
3. Broncos Packers Seahawks Broncos
4. Seahawks Seahawks Falcons Ravens
5. Packers Broncos Packers Packers
6. Ravens Bengals Ravens Falcons
7. Patriots Texans 49ers Patriots
8. Texans Saints Patriots Texans
9. Bengals Patriots Colts Bengals
10. Steelers Bears Bengals Colts
11. Giants Ravens Chiefs Redskins
12. Bears Redskins Redskins Bears
13. Saints Giants Cowboys Vikings
14. Colts Rams Dolphins Saints
15. Cowboys Colts Bears Rams
16. Redskins Steelers Rams Giants
17. Rams Dolphins Giants Steelers
18. Browns Vikings Saints Cowboys
19. Panthers Cowboys Vikings Dolphins
20. Vikings Cardinals Steelers Buccaneers
21. Eagles Eagles Buccaneers Panthers
22. Buccaneers Buccaneers Lions Chargers
23. Lions Lions Eagles Eagles
24. Dolphins Panthers Browns Cardinals
25. Cardinals Browns Cardinals Lions
26. Titans Chargers Chargers Browns
27. Chiefs Chiefs Bills Titans
28. Chargers Titans Titans Jaguars
29. Jaguars Bills Panthers Chiefs
30. Bills Jaguars Jaguars Bills
31. Jets Jets Jets Raiders
32. Raiders Raiders Raiders Jets

1. (Tied) San Francisco 49ers & Seattle Seahawks

Eric: It isn't easy for me to pick the Seahawks and 49ers as one-two, but they deserve it. One team added a ton of talent (Seahawks) and the other is the reigning NFC Champion (49ers). Until the record reflects otherwise, they sit on top of everyone else.

3. (Tied) Atlanta Falcons & Denver Broncos

Brandon: If the Rams get into the playoffs, please don't let them play Atlanta. It'll be hard enough playing Steven Jackson in the regular season.

5. Green Bay Packers

Brandon: The Packers will be without Greg Jennings and Donald Driver, but enough weapons remain in Green Bay for Aaron Rodgers to continue dominating.

6. Houston Texans

3k: As perennial disappointments, the Texans have to be somewhere near this high to remain consistent underperformers.

7. Baltimore Ravens

Brandon: The Ravens are replacing a lot of pieces on defense (6 new starters), but the defense wasn't all that good last season. This is still one of the more talented team in the NFL. Let's see if they can continue their good play with many new faces.

8. New England Patriots

3k: Please see Skip Bayless for appropriate Tim Tebow-related commentary.

9. Cincinnati Bengals

Tevin: Better pieces added to A.J. Green with a good defense, but they can only go as far as Andy Dalton can take them.

10. Indianapolis Colts

3k: Andrew Luck and the passing offense were fine last year. Everything else wasn't. I've got them lower than everyone else only because I think it's going to be hard to get Donnie Avery and T.Y. Hilton as much space as last year.

11. (Tied) Chicago Bears & Washington Redskins

Brandon: The Bears are going to have the exact same problems as last year after making the horrible decision to fire long time Head Coach Lovie Smith. It's not his fault the offensive line can't block anyone. Still a solid team despite the poor blocking.

The Redskins season will come down to one thing, the health of Robert Griffin III. If he is 100%, Washington should win the NFC East. If not, the Hogs may be in for a losing season.

13. New Orleans Saints

3k: No defense? No problem. It's 2013 and this is the NFL.

14. New York Giants

Brandon: The Giants scare me. They are the only team I could see going 9-7, and then win the Super Bowl. They are wacky.

15. St. Louis Rams

3k: I think 2013 could afford us a top 10 spot at some point...uncharted territory and all that.

16. Pittsburgh Steelers

3k: Mike Tomlin lives life at one speed: intense. What's that? Intense isn't even a speed? It is for Mike Tomlin. It's the only speed he knows.

17. Dallas Cowboys

Eric: Tony Romo is and always will be the scapegoat for this underachieving team. They've got plenty of talent, but without fail they will always choke under pressure.

18. Minnesota Vikings

Brandon: Imagine how difficult it would be to watch the Vikings without Adrian Peterson. Just think about that for a second. Christian Ponder is just plain old bad.

19. Miami Dolphins

3k: Crazy prediction time -- the Dolphins will play all 16 games this year. Mark it down.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Brandon: Josh Freeman is playing for his NFL future. Players don't often get a second chance to be a starting QB in the NFL.

21. Philadelphia Eagles

3k: Everyone is eager to see what kind of offense Chip Kelly's Eagles run this season. I just want to see inexplicable playcards on the sideline.

22. (Tied) Detroit Lions, Carolina Panthers, & Cleveland Browns

Brandon: Three way tie? This is just silly. The Lions season will largely depend on how consistent Matthew Stafford can play. The Panthers defense is in question, as is the available weapons for Cam Newton to work with. I'm higher on the Browns than most, but they play in the toughest or second toughest division in the NFL.

26. Arizona Cardinals

Tevin: They could be a surprise team, but they still have issues, their defense might be solid but can Palmer and Fitzgerald save the offense?

27. San Diego Chargers

Brandon: The Chargers have taken a dramatic fall over the last 3-4 years. They are in a pure rebuilding season.

28. Tennessee Titans

3k: Tennessee has a ton of talented wide receivers. They also have Jake Locker. The math is really confusing here.

29. Buffalo Bills

Brandon: EJ Manuel has some weapons to work with, and the Bills defense is solid. Sleeper team?

30. Jacksonville Jaguars

3k: Underrated fan base for such a bad team. Things don't look like they're getting good any time soon...

31. New York Jets

Tevin: What team will Ryan be the defensive coordinator for next season? That' question will be more interesting than watching the Jets on offense.

32. Oakland Raiders

Brandon: If you know a Raiders fan, give them a hug. They are in for a very long season. This team is 2007 Rams bad.