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2013 NFL season predictions: St. Louis Rams to the Super Bowl!

Watch out NFL world, the Rams could go all the way!

Scott Halleran

I've had my issues with the New York Post and it's open disdain for any kind of journalistic standards. Never in a million years did I think Rupert Murdoch's tabloid would produce something so agreeable because of their industry-leading trolling practices. Sometimes it's nice to get an unexpected surprise, like:


Yep. The Post, or columnist Steve Serby, is predicting a rematch between the Rams and the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVII.

Not to completely kick sand into the face of optimism, but that's pretty far out. Not that it couldn't happen, because the NFL is an unpredictable place, but still ...

Let's look at the Rams' path to the Super Bowl.

It starts in the Wild Card round:

RAMS at FALCONS: Chris Long and Richard Quinn make life miserable for Matt Ryan, and Steven Jackson, pressing too hard against his old team, fumbles twice.


The Rams get a stiff test in the Divisional round:

RAMS at PACKERS: Jeff Fisher shows his underdogs video of the Giants' cold-blooded playoff upsets of the Pack. Brian Schottenheimer has Sam Bradford check down to Tavon Austin to neutralize Clay Matthews, and Greg Zuerlein wins it with a 42-yard field goal as time expires on the frozen tundra.


The NFC Championship game features an NFC West showdown for the ages:

RAMS at 49ERS: Jeff Fisher shows his underdogs video of the Giants' two NFC Championship Game victories in San Francisco. Rookie linebacker Alec Ogletree has the athleticism to spy Kaepernick and take away the read option. Jake Long and Rodger Saffold render Aldon Smith mortal, and if you took the Rams plus 12, you won.

RAMS 24, 49ers 21

Note that the Giants are playing an outsized role here as inspirational mentors. I love the NYC media. I don't care how much people complain about it. It's just an incredible machine.

Of course, a Super Bowl against the Patriots calls for even more lessons from the underdog Giants. (I think this guy might be writing this as a message to the Giants. Not sure, just a hunch).

Jeff Fisher shows his underdogs video of Eli Manning's two Super Bowl MVP drives against the Patriots. But it disgusts the Giants another team is using their Quest Diagnostics Training Center locker room and weight room, and Manning sneaks in and puts hot balm in every jock. The Rams suspect Belichick, of course, and lose their concentration. In a blinding blizzard, Brady plays pitch-and-catch with his towering tight ends, Rob Gronkowski and Zach Sudfeld. Aaron Hernandez has no idea.


All those Big Blue instructional videos get Fisher a Coach of the Year honor in this imagined reality. Surprise.