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Sit/start fantasy football advice: Jared Cook, Daryl Richardson safest bets for Rams in Week 1

It's that time of year again, when we get to distill an entire roster down to the two or three players who score fantasy points.

Jamie Squire

Football returns this week. So does fantasy football, America's second-most important sport. Because we're a site dedicated to the St. Louis Rams, let's have a look at some options for this week's season opener against the Arizona Cardinals.

Something to remember here is that Arizona still has a very good defense, especially in the secondary. I don't know if Patrick Peterson will be matched up one-on-one with any player in particular. If he is, you can almost forget that guy having an impact. The secondary is a solid position group, but the turnover at safety leaves some questions to answer.


Jared Cook - It should be pretty clear to you by now that Cook figures to be Sam Bradford's top option in the passing game. That's a good thing. The veteran tight end's size, speed and hands are a matchup nightmare against a Cardinals secondary and linebacker group that was just middle of the road against tight ends. Lance Kendricks had one touchdown against the Cardinals last year.

Daryl Richardson - You sleep on Arizona's defense at your own risk. They're better than you might think. However, Steven Jackson posted 139 rushing yards against the Cardinals in Week 12 last year. It was the Rams' best rushing performance of the season. With Givens and Austin and Cook preoccupying the defense, things should open up for Richardson.

Chris Givens - The Rams' deep threat feasted on Arizona last year. In a Week 5 win, he caught one pass, but it went for 51 yards and a score. In the second game, Givens blew up, catching five balls for 115 yards and a touchdown, his best outing of the season.


Tavon Austin - I know, I know ... he's the best offensive weapon in the league, at least the most talented one. However, we have no idea how the Rams plan to use him in the offense. Until then, you have to go with more established players for Week 1.

Zac Stacy - Another unknown. He may well get close to 50 percent of the carries, but we can't bank on that yet.

Sam Bradford - In six starts against the Cardinals, Bradford has a 55 percent completion rate, six touchdowns, seven interceptions and an average of 207 yards per game.