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Chris Long calls Rams defense 'disgusting'

One word perfectly sums up the state of the Rams defense, the team as a whole.

Michael Thomas

Chris Long summed up the St. Louis Rams defense in one word after Thursday's loss to the visiting San Francisco 49ers: disgusting.

You can hear the whole clip from an interview with 101 ESPN radio below. Listen to his voice. You can hear the disappointment and disbelief at a fourth straight egg laid by a defense that was supposed to take its place among the league's best this season.

And how do they improve? Long says that they "have 10 days to figure out."

He goes on to praise the coaches and his fellow players, the same group that's turned in yet another "disgusting" performance this week.

"For whatever reason, it's not coming together right now," Long said, "but we have time to figure it out."

Four games into the season, and we're still hearing that the Rams just need time to gel, time to assess their strengths and weaknesses and coach the young players up.

The time to figure all that out is August, not October.