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The Rams seem confused

So what kind of defense do the 49ers run? Apparently, that all depends on who you ask.


Preparation is the key to any endeavor. Small moves, large missions, standardized tests and even football games require that you know what awaits you. You must know your opponent, whether it's the LSAT or the San Francisco 49ers.

The coaches and players from the St. Louis Rams have spent their fair share of time in the film room this shortened work week. Their task: arresting a two-game losing skid by studying the patterns and practices of a wounded, but talented 49ers team.

Brian Schottenheimer meticulously lays out his game plan every week. He works closely with his quarterback, Sam Bradford, to figure out an opposing defense and where to put the three-yard passes that will inevitably result in a win.

The Rams offensive coordinator, as you would expect, has everything under control. He knows this 49ers defense.

"They are big and physical and the good thing is we're going to know where they're going to be," Schottenheimer said after practice on Tuesday. "They're not real complicated - never have been. Again, I think schematically we know where they're going to be."

Well, that's refreshing to hear. I assume Bradford sees the same thing.

"We're going to have to be prepared for all the different games they run, the line stunts that they run and then some of their different blitz packages on third down," Bradford said Tuesday. "I think it's important that we spend a lot of time here tonight and tomorrow making sure that everyone's on the same page so we can pick those things up and take advantage of some of the match-ups on the outside."

Huh? So which is it? Is the 49ers defense simple and free of complexity? Or is it a unit that runs "different games" and a multitude of blitz packages?

Confusion between the offensive coordinator and quarterback over a defense doesn't inspire much confidence, not from a group that already seems lost, does it?