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Turf Show Radio: Sept. 24, 9pm ET

It wasn't pretty. The Cowboys game has us all in ornery spirits. Perhaps a little Turf Show Radio is the panacea we all need?

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The guest list for tonight's show? We'll have David Fucillo from Niner Nation to give us the inside scoop on San Francisco, plus Mike D with some Fantasy Football insights. Tev Broner will be dropping in, and Dan Kadar from Mocking the Draft will banter with Joe about 2014 NFL Draft hopefuls. Be there! It's going to be a GREAT show!

It's darkest before the dawn.

It bears repeating now. Sunday was ugly, and that's probably being nice. We're left with empty palms and empty souls at this point.

To a large degree then, it's a good thing we have three less days to rue that which was before a crucial intradivisional game against the San Francisco 49ers. And something's amiss in San Fran...

Sure, the Rams put up a lossless effort against the Niners in 2012 with a tie (shoulda been a win) and a win (shoulda been a win before overtime). But let's not kid ourselves -- those were weird games. San Francisco has been one of the best teams in the NFL in the last two seasons. That makes the early results more interesting.

The 49ers enter this game with the same bottom line as we do: 1-2. Just 3 points in a 26-margin loss to Seattle in week two preceded a 20-point loss to Indianapolis at home.

Small sample size? Anomalies via the anonymous? Should Colin Kaepernick have been studying the playbook and watching tape instead of filming Madden commercials?!

All of this, and more, is on tap for on Turf Show Radio.

Look...I need you. You need you. You need I. I need I. The circle is complete. Call in.

Get at me at (347) 857-1022. Doug is working out the details and perhaps we get a guest before a Super Secret Show of Super Secrecy next week (ayo, clear your schedule...), but this is the show to get in.

Last week, I asked for a handful of callers. Don't let me down, peoples.

We've got venting to be had, context to search for and yes, more than 75% of the season to be played.