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Daryl Richardson injury: Rams RB hurts his foot again

The St. Louis Rams lost their starting running back, among other things, on Sunday against the Cowboys.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Daryl Richardson made an appearance for the St. Louis Rams in Sunday's loss to the Dallas Cowboys. A brief one. Richardson's day ended as quickly as it began when someone stepped on his injured foot, according to Jim Thomas. It was up to Isaiah Pead to shoulder the rushing work load from there, not there was much to do.

Richardson had been ailing all week. He missed practice on Wednesday to rest his foot. Jeff Fisher made it clear then that he expected the running back to play. It led to the decision to leave rookie runner Zac Stacy on the inactive list for the game.

The Rams failed to do anything with the running game, not that they really tried much. Even with pressure constantly pushing Sam Bradford around in the pocket, the Rams refused to run the ball. They had five total carries in the first half. OC Brian Schottenheimer called two running plays on the first two drives, including one that started on the Dallas 34-yard line.

No running, meant no play-action pass, an effective tool for the Rams when they bother to set it up and use it. The decision not to run made it easy for Dallas to pressure the passer. A series of quick passes, which have apparently become Brian's version of his father's famous Marty-Ball offense, were no match for the Dallas defense.