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St. Louis Rams: Post Game Analysis

The Rams looked like they traveled back in time to 2011. Poor tackling, and even worse game-planning ruled the day in a 31-7 loss...

Jamie Squire

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This game was demoralizing for fans and players alike. The Dallas Cowboys showed up today, and the Rams took the day off. I'm stunned just how bad the Rams looked in the first half, young team or not. Jeff Fisher's coaching staff lost today. They allowed a middle of the road team to dominate every facet of the game. The Rams' defense was considered a strength before the season began, but not any longer. What puzzles me is the amount of potentially dominate talent this unit has, but hasn't shown up this year? Chris Long looks slow, James Laurinaitis looks like a guy waiting for a cab, and the secondary is in disarray.

The entire game, corner backs played as much as 10 yards off wide receivers at times. Dallas' DeMarco Murray (175 yards on 26 carries and 1 touchdown; 28 receiving yards) looked like his 2011 self, when he ran for a jillion yards against the Rams. He broke initial tackles, and bounced to the second level for good gains. Wil Witherspoon looked outclassed, as much as he did slow. Michael Brockers and Kendall Langford were flat out man-handled the entire afternoon by a middling offensive line. Robert Quinn's star fell back to earth, getting close to Romo only a few times.

On offense, Brian Schottenheimer must have left his playbook somewhere for the Cowboys to read. They were everywhere he called a play. The Cowboys swarmed what looked like a helpless Rams offensive attack. With the 49ers game looming this Thursday night, the Rams are in big trouble. Bradford was sacked 6 times (twice by DeMarcus Ware). Dallas out-gained St. Louis 403 to 275 in total offense, and 75 of the Rams yards came in junk time at the end of the game. In short, there wasn't a moment - outside of a fumbled punt by Dallas at the beginning of the game - where this game was even close.