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Rams 0, Cowboys 17: A Little Bit Of Everything Wrong

The Rams are down three possessions to start the second half thanks to doing just about nothing right.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was just horrible.

The Rams are down 17 points at the half, and I'm not sure there are many positives to point to.

Tavon Austin ran back a punt into the end zone. Sam Bradford isn't injured, at least to a degree that he has to leave the game. Um...the jerseys like nice.

That was as ugly a half as we've seen in a long while. The run defense was putrid. The pass shell offered us plenty of the Cushion of Death (TCOD -- this is now officially a thing). The offensive line has been embarrassed consistently. The Rams have three receivers accounting for six catches...and that's it.

The small sample size of poor first half performances are now turning into a trend, and it needs to be addressed.

Adjustments? I'd like to see the Rams run a tighter offense, yardage-wise. Work a shorter game with Lance Kendricks and Brian Quick to soften the pass rush. Figure a way to work in blitzes and more aggressive safety positioning to offset TCOD.

And substitute the refs or something, because they've been as bad as any crew since Golden Tate kicked the substitutes out last season.