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Random Ramsdom: Cowboys and Rams Look to Break the Tie

The Rams are facing a quality team for the second straight week in a row on the road. The Dallas Cowboys and the St. Louis Rams hold a tie for the series at 11-11. Who will win this astro-turf battle?

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports


Sitting just beyond the endzone last week at the Georgia Dome, I got to see a team grow a little. The Rams might have lost thegame, but what they won is invaluable. They got a little taste of humble pie, and that's never a bad thing. Despite what Jeff Fisher says about limiting the no-huddle, the team got to see Sam Bradford bloom. Moving forward, I expect the head coach to give Bradford a little more reign over the offense. While he may not be Payton Manning-esque, he certainly can run things nicely.

Also, a big shout out to the handful of fans who heckled my family and I after the game. Especially the dude that threatened to shoot me. But an even bigger shout out to the other 60K fans who managed to stay classy!

Thursday Night Football

Andy Reid knows Michael Vick, fancy Chip Kelly's offense or not. The Eagles put up 431 yards on offense and still lost to the now 3-0 Kansas City Chiefs.


Nick Wagoner- ESPN

The St. Louis Rams pass defense currently ranks 27th in the league with 330.5 yards allowed per game. While that might seem dismal, the Rams rank 9th in the league for pass breakups with 12, and have five batted balls to lead the league. The Ram's soft coverage is allowing opposing teams to dink and dunk their way down the field. The secondary has to figure out how to exert their will on offenses.

Todd Archer and Nick Wagoner- ESPN

The guys answer some questions about both teams locking horns on Sunday. I'm going with Wagoner for a Rams win here. I'm batting a thousand so far this year. Rams 31- Cowboys 24.

Slinging Sammy Spreads the Love

In the week #2 game against the Atlanta Falcons, Sam Bradford hit 10 different receivers to throw for 352 yards. In week one, he threw for 299 and hit seven receivers. With the Rams likely playing from behind again this weekend, expect more of the same from Bradford.

Roster Grades via BR

Looks like the overall grade here is a B-. Not bad for the youngest team in the NFL going up against one of the league's powerhouses.

Global Post

The takeaway here, (pun intended): In 18 games with Jeff Fisher as head coach, the Rams are 0-7-1 in games where they don't force a takeaway and 8-2 when they do.

Beirman- KMOV- No Huddle

Saying that the no huddle should only be used in certain situations is like saying green is green. The Rams have had great success with the no-huddle offense. Why? Opposing defenses tend to lapse into softer coverage facing the no-huddle, and the Rams frankly have the personnel to use it well. Oregon the Rams are not, but I would like to see this set a little more moving forward.

The Enemy's Take

Sam Bradford is the only NFL starter to not have been sacked over the first two weeks of the season. If the offensive line continues dominating pass protections, the Rams will win against the Cowboys.

Know the Enemy

Love, love, how excited Broaddus sounds about Tavon Austin here.

The Landry Hat

Just the facts here.

Dallas Morning News

DeMarco Murray, Rams kryptonite? Not this year.



Well That's a Relief!

Pool Party


Friday Jam:

Primus - Wynona's Big Brown Beaver (via PrimusVEVO)