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We're looking for the few, the brave...

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

TSTer Jordan Lundy won't be denied. He's reformed TSTLeague#1 at Yahoo Sports and needs some volunteers to combat the evil overlord who won last year... Did I say evil? I happen to know he's a great guy, who has a fondness for a certain snack food, so evil is a bit of a stretch. He is all-knowing though, and the kind of guy you'd like dating your sister, or trust with a car that isn't a Yugo.

TSTleague #1 is looking for four hearty souls, who can be available tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 9:30pm ET for a "LIVE" draft. Get in touch with him at:

Then, the quest for fame, fortune, and Fantasy Football legend status is within your grasp. But watch out for the guy I mentioned. He's tricky, and has been known to write a thing or two about the people in his Fantasy Football leagues. Just sayin'...