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Rams Extend DE Eugene Sims Through 2015

Eugene Sims was the lone defensive lineman not signed through 2014. No longer.


To observe Labor Day, the Rams have extended the services of their backup defensive end Eugene Sims.

It's a good move to solidify the core of the defensive and, in all likelihood, the entire roster. Plus, it provides some certainty in the seasons to come as every DL is now locked up.

Sims improved last year registering his first three NFL sacks and adding an interception in the late-season contest against the Buccaneers.

He's been pretty much the only late draft success story under Billy Devaney. Out of West Texas A&M, Sims was a sixth round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, one of 11 Rams selections in a class headlined by Sam Bradford. Out of those eight picks, only Sims and Hall Davis arrived with less college fanfare.

It's an isolated case on the roster to have not only survived the transition from the Spagnuolo/Devaney era to Fisher and Snead's tenure. That he's a non-FBS late draft pick is makes him a special case, though it proves one adage true yet again...

If you can play, you can stay.