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Turf Show Radio NFC West Spectaculasticfulgasm: Tomorrow, Sept. 3, 9pm ET

The 2013 NFL season is upon us. To prime us for the rest of the division, guests from the SB Nation NFC West communities will fill us in on what's happened in Phoenix, San Francisco and Seattle.

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We pride ourselves on our friendliness when we hit the airwaves of Turf Show Radio.

Anyone can call in and talk about anything. Rams' offensive line play? Front office management concerns? Nixon's involvement in the development of the SALT talks and the repercussions it had with respect to Soviet relations into the late 1970s? Hell, Van covers those pretty much every show.

So to mix it up a little, we're inviting representatives from the three other SB Nation communities for the NFC West teams to come on the show tomorrow night starting at 9pm ET.

We'll have Jess Root from Revenge of the Birds, Tre9er from Niners Nation and Jacson Bevens from Field Gulls on to wrap up the preseasons for our divisional foes.

Since we're having that trio on, we're going to be holding off on calls until next time. But we still want you to participate.

You can give us questions to ask the guests here in this open thread or over at the show page. The page uses the Facebook plugin, but as long as you don't click the "Post to Facebook" box, your comments will only be posted to our show page comments.

And if you're on the move, you can always listen in by calling (347) 857-1022.

We'll have plenty to talk about with the Rams opening their season against the Cardinals on Sunday.

Get at us.