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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Chiefs @ Eagles

The coaches got the headlines in tonight's NFL game as Andy Reid heads to his former club's home against Chip Kelly's NFL-paradigm-breaking offense.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Well tonight should be interesting. Andy Reid heads back to Philadelphia for the first time since getting the ceremonial boot from atop the Eagles' coaching perch. Waiting in tow is his replacement, Chip Kelly, who has "the NFL is a ___ league" types really confused.

The Rams don't play either this season, but they do face the Eagles' NFC East foe in Dallas this weekend to face a Cowboys team who just lost to KC this weekend. With the Chiefs facing every NFC East team this year, should the Rams be in the playoff hunt later this season, those four KC-NFC East battles could well have a significant impact on that playoff picture.

So it is. Michael Vick sits at the helm of Chip Kelly's high-octane offense that is pretty unpredictable at this point. The Eagles relied on the run in week one to dispatch of the Redskins only to go to the air in week two and drop a game to a Nick Novak FG with just seven seconds left.

The Chiefs, on the other hand, have played wonderful defense in their first two games against the Jaguars (yeah, we know) and the aforementioned Cowboys win. If they can get a win to start this season off at 3-0 in their only primetime matchup this season, they're going to have targets shifting toward their backs very quickly.

Go, Priyanka Chopra, go!