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It's Turf Show Radio Tuesday! Bring Me the Finest Cheetos in All the Land!

Tonight, Joe will channel famed Southern radio talk show host Bubba Demps - "The Voice of Greater Yalobusha County" in Mississippi. Why? Because Yalobusha is secretly known as the birthplace of football penalties. Kids have been 'Clippin' and holdin' since the footballs there were made from gator hide. Taught early on to "sweep that damn leg!", brothers have caused quite a few sisters to limp. In fact, sisters cause more than a few brothers to have a bit of hitch in their gates too. Bubba Demps can tell you everything there is to know about "tripin' an opponent", not to mention eye gouging, or kicking a player when they're down. (He hosts a famous school that a guy name "Suh" attended long ago...)

It's Tuesday night Rams fans, and that means Turf Show Radio is coming to you LIVE, and in podcast-person! We'll be covering the Atlanta game, and touching base with Blogging the Boys' very own K.D. Drummond. He'll be giving you the inside scoop on all things Cowboys. The fun starts at 9:00pm Eastern Time!

Pete Dunbar will be joining us. The TST editor isn't just famous - He's IN-famous, which I'm told means "more than famous" in some ways I can't really comprehend? What? No rec'd for a "Three Amigos" reference? This IS a tough crowd...

Turf Show Times callers are encouraged to call in. If you do, I personally recommend you say something, and not try to use "The Force" to get your question across. Make sure to ask questions in the thread here too. Joe promised me he'll have someone on hand to read what you say to him, since he gets transfixed by the microphone at times...

Here's the call in number: (347) 857-1022

So all you have to do, is hit this little link right...


Enjoy the show, and I'll see you all in the thread!