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Rodger Saffold Injury: Sprained MCL Likely Means A Couple Weeks Rest

Seeing Rodger Saffold on the injury list is nothing new, so news of a sprained MCL shouldn't derail the Rams' 2013 plans all too terribly.


It could have been worse.

Rodger Saffold's injury has been checked out, and it looks like a sprained MCL according to NFL Network's Ian Rappaport:

Ok, here's the thing.

We're all well aware of how frequently Saffold's injured, but he's the starter for a reason: he's a better RT than the other options. So while Joe Barksdale filled in adequately (and perhaps I'm lowballing Barksdale for his performance on Sunday), I don't know that any of us want the 2014 Rams to start the season out with the offensive line have now.

Both left guards, Chris Williams and backup Shelley Smith, are free agents in 2014; Smith is restricted, Williams is set to be a UFA. Saffold, famously, is in a contract year as well. So there's contractual spacing to address the line beyond just talent. So keep an eye on the college level for offensive linemen throughout the year; it's something that we'll be talking about all offseason.

For now, the Rams head to Dallas with a chance to get back on the better side of .500. They'll have to do it without their starting RT.