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Turf Show Radio: Sept. 17, 9pm ET

Well, here we go. The Rams have broken even through their first tow games and face a winnable contest in Dallas on Sunday. Recapping, previewing and everything in between, 3k takes to TSR and brings on KD Drummond from Blogging the Boys.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports


We're rollin now.

Football's in full swing, and the small sample sizes are getting...less small. The worries are more worrisome, while the pluses are starting to bring added repeat expectations.

So get in on the show tomorrow night. We're making tons of room for callers. so call in at (347) 857-1022. KD Drummond from Blogging the Boys will be joining us to preview the Cowboys game next Sunday, but we've still got plenty to recap from the first two games.

If you want to drop questions to be answered on the air, Doug will have a thread up tomorrow. We topped 150 comments last time, so you know it's going to get a little wacky (see: Brandon versus Brandon).

So give us a holler tomorrow night. Everything you need is at the Turf Show Radio show page, so no excuses.

Hit us up.