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St. Louis Rams - Atlanta Falcons "LIVE" Game Thread

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It's come down to this, has it? Rams brother against former Rams brother... Steven Jackson faces his former team of nine NFL seasons for the first time. I don't care who you are, or what you say, it's still tough to think of SJax, #39 - with all his mangled, flowing dreads - being in a uniform other than blue and gold...

This is the first of three straight tough challenges for the Rams. In the next couple weeks, they'll travel to Dallas, and then come home to face the San Francisco 49ers. This three game stint is going to be tough, and it all starts with the Atlanta Falcons.

The St. Louis Rams are a "Who dun' it?" writ large. Secret plans, and unknown talent have Rams' fans on the edge of their seats. They've seen what Jared Cook can do. So who will give us the next "Keyser Söze" moment? Who'll be the player(s) to make us drop that cherished beer mug and cry "Son of a bitch!"?

While the Rams are current underdogs - +4 1/2 points - this game is winnable. But loads of things have to happen for the them to come out of Atlanta with another "W" in the win column. At least one wide receiver has to step into the spotlight for the Rams. Will it be time for Tavon Austin to shine, or Chris Givens? Can the Rams defense recover from making Carson Palmer look great, and bring the heat to Matt "Ice" Ryan and Co.? This will be a huge test of the Rams' defensive secondary, with all eyes fixed squarely on T.J. McDonald and Rodney McLeod.

Big concerns for Rams fans center around defensive end Chris Long's appearance on the injury list as "Questionable" for today's game. He's never missed a game, and a little while ago it was announced he's a "Go" for the game. Still, look for William Hayes to get lots of work on the left side of the Rams' defensive line today. This could be the day rookie Alec Ogletree breaks out, since he'll have more than a few friends on hand as he returns to Georgia.

So it's time to square away the viewing area. Center the Lazy Boy just so, and remind the dog to only bark when you howl with delight as the Rams score. Get the Buffalo wings spicy hot; the pulled pork pulled. Bags of Cheetos? Check! Is the guacamole green with chunks of tomato and chilies? Check! If the Rams win, is the post game party ready to go? If they should "un-win", is that special place in the backyard for man-tears mowed? I cover ALL the bases, don't you?

Here's to a great game, free of injuries! Go Rams!