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Random Ramsdom: Happy Paraskevidekatriaphobia Day!

Just two days remain until the St. Louis Rams take on the Atlanta Falcons. Get primed up and ready to chug, chow, and cheer right here with the best Rams fan website on the web.

Hey Mr. Jackson, you paying attention?
Hey Mr. Jackson, you paying attention?
Michael Thomas


Blast From the Past

While most of us are focused on what's going down between Atlanta and St. Louis, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are cursing the groin of Danny Amendola. He could miss up to six weeks.

Do the Shuffle

The Rams activated Isaiah Pead for this Sunday's game. While he won't step in and take over, he is sure to get some touches. Zac Stacy will also pound the rock, behind starter Daryl Richardson. The Rams might not necessarily have a "running back by committee" approach, but the touches will get spread around.

Two of a Kind?

While Jared Cook has a long way to go to be even in the same zip code as future Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez, Cook's week one performance says he has the potential. The two tight ends will feature heavily in a game that pits two very good offenses against each other.

Blast From the Past v2.0

The number one and number two picks of the 2008 NFL Draft are now on the same team. Here is a drive by drive breakdown of their first ever game facing each other. Boy am I glad they are both Rams!

Cook Likes the D

No.... Get your head out of the gutter man! Cook wasn't just sold on the Rams because of his connection with Jeff Fisher. He saw a tough defense that could get the ball back in the offense's hands.

Von Miller is in Twubble Again

Something about suddenly becoming a millionaire must make people go nuts.

I'm Gonna Suh You

Ndamukong Suh (try to say that three times fast) will be appealing his record setting fine of $100,000 levied against him for an illegal block against Minnesota Vikings center John Sullivan. You may remember Suh's other incident, one that involved a kick to the groin of Houston Texan's quarterback Matt Shaub. He's not dirty....

Doug Williams....You're Fired!

Doug Williams was fired from his coaching position at Grambling State, after they lost their first two games by a combined score of 71-19. Ouch.

Theresa Vail- American Bad Ass

So the Miss America pageant airs this Sunday. Most guys will be watching football. Maybe you should set your DVR and watch Miss Kansas make all of the other contestants look like n00bs.

Whiplash - The Burning Of Atlanta (Demo) (via SlaytanicMegaforce)