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Random ramsdom: Prepping for Atlanta

The Rams go back to work after a less than perfect performance last Sunday. The Rams will be anxious to add to their win streak in Atlanta, and are expecting some familiar faces.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Rams travel to meet Steven Jackson in Atlanta

It is the first time the Rams will have Steven Jackson on the field in anything other than a blue and gold uniform. You remember how every year people seem wonder if this will be the year Steven Jackson falls of the cliff and starts to slip physically? Yeah, me neither. Jackson appears to be in great shape again this year, and will be hungry to prove something to his old team. However, these types of hullabaloo's usually end with the team coming out on top, not the player.

New Rams Week 2 depth charts has been released

No big surprises here. I think most fans are probably a little frustrated that Isaiah Pead has been able to hold on to that number two spot despite the fact that he suffered a suspension and has failed to really make an impact on the field yet in his career (other than the impact fumbles in the preseason). Luckily for anyone who has watched the Rams kick returns recently, Ben Cunningham remains the top kick returner. The only other notable occurrence is that James Laurinaitus is now listed as the only middle linebacker.

Rams safeties settle in

The new Rams safeties looked pretty good on Sunday. Who knows how things really went behind the scenes (coverages, assignments, etc.), but so far the Rams don't look to have a weakness there. In fact, this duo may quickly acquire the reputation for being a hard hitting group. I would be surprised if TJ McDonald wasn't fined this week for a few of those hits Sunday.

Bradford on point

Even the critics have to admit that Sam Bradford seems to have taken the next step. Sam looked sharp on Sunday throwing for nearly 300 yards and 2 touchdowns (should have been three - stupid Honey Badger). It's imperative to the Rams offense that Bradford continue to improve and help this team finish long drives, and find success in the redzone.

Rams in the middle of the pack

Power rankings are worth about as much as my opinion on Walking Dead collectables. I can't really make an informed opinion about which NFL teams are on top at this point. However, it is interesting to see no movement after the Rams rallied past Arizona in week one. It's really hard to tell which teams are for real, and which ones are secretly awful this time of year. As Jeff Fisher said Monday night on the Jeff Fisher Show, ask me again in 6-8 weeks.

Steven Jackson eager to will his team to win

If you watched Atlanta's game against New Orleans last week, one thing should have stuck out. Steven Jackson dropped a lot of balls. In fact, many Falcon fans are blaming him for the loss. Jackson dropped one easy-peachy pass right in the end zone that would have even given the Falcons the go-ahead touchdown. As the article implies, Jackson will be motivated to help his new team in response to a difficult performance in week one.

Falcons make changes to depth chart in anticipation of Rams

The Falcons are modifying their offensive line preparation for the Rams front 4. How will the Rams stack up? Can the Rams defense match-up against the Falcons mighty offense?

Stay Classy Rams fans!