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Turf Show Radio: Drop in and ask your questions!

The Rams are 1-0? So why not chat about it on the famous Turf Show Times podcast tonight? That's right, Tuesday night, at 9:00pm Eastern Time, you'll hear familiar TST voices talking about the Rams, Fantasy Football, and our special guest is Dave Choate, from the Atlanta Falcon's site here at SBNation. TST's Mike D will be on hand, as well as a couple TSTers you know well, and were just release from a place with padded walls and Thorazine cupcakes...

You'll get a complete update on Steven Jackson, the wayward Rams superstar. We'll be talking about the pluses and minuses of the last game against Arizona, and what needs to happen to keep the winning dream alive!

There's no signing in, and you don't even need a credit card, so don't send your info to Joe, even though I'm pretty sure he's a Nigerian Prince who's about to give me money... So all you have to do, is hit this link right about....


Interwebs magic will sweep you away to a land of Cheetos, beer, pizza, and huge Lazy Boy recliners for all! No, really!

This thread is for you to ever-so-gently type in questions Joe will actually read, and cover on the show. Ain't Democracy great?