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St. Louis Rams practice squad: Cody Davis, Justin Veltung among 6 players added so far

The St. Louis Rams have started to build their practice squad.

David Welker

The St. Louis Rams are getting their practice squad pieced together. Six familiar names were brought back Sunday to fill all but two of the available spots on the team's taxi roster.

You'll recognize all six of those names from this year's training camp and preseason. One lineman, one receiver, one running back, a corner, a safety and defensive lineman. It's a standard group of positions that's likely to be augmented over the next 24 hours.

Of all the players listed here, Veltung and Davis could be among the first call-ups if the Rams find themselves short handed during the season. Both had a strong camp and preseason, and they'll get the chance to continue to build on that progress on the practice squad.

This list is also likely to change after the season opener against the Arizona Cardinals. Isaiah Pead is eligible to return from his suspension after that game, which means one of the running backs currently on the roster could find his way to this group. The practice squad could morph again after Week 4 when Jo-Lonn Dunbar returns from his suspension.

Of course, any players cut from the 53-man roster will have to clear waivers before the Rams can add them to the practice squad. That will give another team the chance to take a flyer on a young player, something that will no doubt come into the decision making process when it comes to a guy like Benny Cunningham or Ray-Ray Armstrong, undrafted free agents at the bottom of the depth chart.