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Who Should The Rams Bring Back For The Practice Squad?

Yeah the 53 man roster is important but don't forget about the little guys.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams have made the 53 man limit for their roster. Of course the roster is always changing, especially the back end. So expect some changes between now and next Sunday when the Rams host the Arizona Cardinals.

The Rams 53 man roster is what everyone will pay attention too, but there's also practice squad. This is a roster of eight, and is a way that NFL teams train their young players that just weren't good enough to make the main roster, but have enough upside to keep them around. To read about the rules about practice squads, here's a good article on it. Basically, this is what you need to know: A player can only be on the active roster (game day roster) nine times or less, and can be on a practice squad for two seasons.

The St. Louis Rams made some tough cuts on players with potential, most of which were undrafted and are eligible for practice squad. Here's a list of the latest list of cuts and here's the list of cuts before the final preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens.

The Rams and the other 31 NFL teams will sign players to their practice squads. There are a few players the Rams can chose to keep in house, like safety Cody Davis, receivers Andrew Helmick and Justin Veltung, and even quarterback Austin Davis (sounds like he could be kept on the practice squad).

Obviously these players could end up being poached by another team since they have some type of upside. So which player would you like the Rams to hold on to in hopes that they develop? Leave a comment and let us know.