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Burning Questions: Did Brian Quick Do Enough To Start?

Brian Quick has had a successful preseason, but is it enough to beat out Austin Pettis for a starting spot?

You can do it Brian Quick
You can do it Brian Quick
Dilip Vishwanat

The St. Louis Rams decided to keep 5 wide receivers on their active roster this season. This wasn't a big surprise because if the Rams needed a 6th receiver it would only be for depth purposes. However it appeared as though the Rams wanted to try an experiment in the 4th preseason game.

It seemed like the Rams plan, or maybe it was just backup quarterback Kellen Clemens's plan, was to get the ball to 2nd year receiver Brian Quick as much as possible. He was the most targeted player on the field, finishing the game with 5 catches and 60 yards. He did have a drop and a fumble, so it wasn't a perfect game..

Just look at this play. Quick is the outside receiver, and at the snap of the ball he takes a couple of steps and then gives the receiver a move to the inside, before he moves back to the outside and streaks down the field. At the end of the route, he uses his body well for a leaping catch. Impressive.

Honestly that catch, and his others, showed what Quick has the skills to do. There is a concern he hasn't performed against starters. Yet, current starter Austin Pettis has been playing against starters and hasn't looked impressive. It's unfair to compare the two, but Quick has played better than expected.

What should be the deciding factor: Upside or experience?

Quick isn't a finished product, and the Rams knew that going into the preseason. He's looked good against his competition and has flashed his talent almost every week. It would be different if he didn't perform well against 2nd string players, but he has, so if the Rams want to place Quick as a starter they have to feel more comfortable after Thursday's game against the Baltimore Ravens.