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Rodger Saffold, He of Many Injuries

While his injury didn't seem too severe, there is a good chance Saffold will miss some time.


This is why we hate the preseason. While most of us are ecstatic that football has returned, there is always that lingering fear in the back of your head that someone will get injured.

That someone, which should come as no surprise, is Rodger Saffold.

After playing a mere two snaps, Saffold went down with a left shoulder injury. Bernie Kosar, in his infinite wisdom, was quick to point out that he walked off on his own power (this is significant because typically Kosar needs four limbs to steady himself).

Joking aside, Jeff Fisher stated after the game that Saffold, "may miss a little bit of time." His x-rays were negative, so it appears the Rams dodged the significant injury bullet, but it would've been nice to see the first team offensive line have time to jive.

Considering Saffold's injury history, I wouldn't be surprised if this was the end of his preseason. There would be nothing worse than aggravating a minor injury for a pointless game. The Rams are already thin at tackle, so losing Saffold for an extended period of time would be a major blow to the team.

Get well soon Rodger.