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Random Ramsdom for Friday 8/9/2013: Audition One is in the Books

Week one of the preseason for the St. Louis Rams is in the books. Let the prognosticators begin dissecting the game like an over-sugared five year old playing operation.

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With 9:15 to go in the game between the St. Louis Rams and the hosting Cleveland Browns the Browns were up by a touchdown. Some play happened and I turned my head to the screen. Some dude caught the ball for Cleveland and I turned my head to my wife and asked, "You ready for bed?" She replied. "I've been ready since Bradford left the game." That's the feel I had for the first preseason game. My excitement for Rams football was quickly tempered when Roger Saffold left the game with a limp arm. The Rams were clearly working on things this game. You could tell they weren't using the game to be showy or even trying to win. They used the game for exactly what it is meant for, talent evaluation and system implementation.

The Rams aren't coached by some guy who was just handed the keys to his first NFL team. Jeff Fisher worked this game brilliantly. The announcers for the Browns had to be some of the worst color I've heard for a game. They kept saying that this is just the preseason, but you would have thought that they felt the Rams should have been a bush league team, due to the Rams evaluating their talent versus killing players winning a virtually meaningless game. But I digress. You are here for links. Links that will make you giggle, cry, and maybe even lose your mind. Ok, maybe not the last part.

Preseason Week One Recaps:

About as basic as it gets here. Click ahead for game recaps from all of yesterday and previews of those still to come.

Get Your Popcorn Ready:

Maybe not, maybe so. T.O. would bring drama, but he would also bring some pretty decent hands to any receiving corps. Then again he might just turn that corps into a corpse.

We Ready!:

Well, to be honest we aren't. What if Tebow goes into the preseason and lights it up? QB controversy? Nah. But with Baby Jesus you never know. And yes, that is two weeks in a row of Tebow.

Rodger Dodger:

Rodger Saffold left the game but x-rays on the shoulder were negative according the Rams head coach Jeff Fisher. The decision to sign free-agent Jake Long this off season looks better and better, seeing as how Saffold has missed 13 games over the last two years.

Isaiah Pead:

Talk about stock down. Pead looked like he was not just rusty, but had a case of fumblitis. Pead did not do himself any favors Thursday night.


What Not to Post on Facebook

Really dude? Get a plane ticket and fly to Russia or something. Don't write the prosecution's case on the interwebs.

Say What?

This gets a big fat COME ON MAN! So how long have you been playing football?

Preppers Beware

What's worse than ordering a Whopper with cheese and getting a plain old cheeseburger instead? The polar reversal of the Sun of course! While preppers around the world are surely getting ready for the apocalypse, those of us that can read understand that this happens every 11 years or so and there's nothing to see here folks. Wink Wink. Anyone got some extra rations they wanna sell?

Today in History: In 1969 Charles Manson and his psychedelic following kill actress Sharon Tate and her friends.

1944 marks the birth of Smokey the Bear, inspiring men everywhere to wear cargo pants without shirts.

Betty Boop appears onscreen for the first time, inspiring men who wear cargo shorts without shirts to watch cartoons.

The Saints play their first game ever in the Super Dome. The Houston Oilers beat them 13-7.

Weekly RATM:

Have a Great Weekend Rams Nation!