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Rams vs. Browns, 2013 NFL preseason, Week 1: Game thread

The Rams are back in action.

David Welker

Football is back, well, a football-like substance anyway. It's the first game of the preseason for the St. Louis Rams, and they're in Cleveland for a date with the Browns.

The last time the Rams and Browns met was during the 2011 season. It was one of the ugliest games I've ever seen, and the Rams actually won it ... thanks to a missed field goal. Preseason football may be vanilla, but it's not going to be depressing.

Scores don't matter much for this one, but it's a big night for the players. Oh, it's also our first look at Tavon Austin in a Rams game-day uniform. So that's pretty exciting.

The action starts at 8:00 p.m. Eastern. You know what to do here in the comments.

We'll have plenty of follow up and analysis here at TST following the game. We'll also be on Twitter tonight @TurfShowTimes.

Nobody gets hurt ... that's the key for the preseason.

Go Rams!

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