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Preseason 2013: The ultimate job interview

Within the next four weeks many NFL hopefuls will be searching for a job. But for now, their sights are set on landing a gig with an NFL franchise.


Every year the NFL goes through the preseason with one goal above all others, evaluating talent during live game play. Few early round draft choices, if any, will be cut after week four of the preseason. Later round picks, and especially undrafted free agents, are on the hot seat starting this afternoon.

Some notable undrafted free agents who have hung on with the St. Louis Rams include:

Kurt Warner- Quarterback

Richard "Night Train" Lane- Cornerback

Coy Bacon- Defensive Line

Bob Boyd- Wide Reciever

London Fletcher- Linebacker

Tommy Wilson- Running back

Gene Lipscomb- Defensive Line

I'm sure you could all name a few that I am forgetting. Throughout the preseason we will see a few diamonds in the rough for sure. Maybe someday their names will appear on a list like this one, but first they have to get past the biggest job interview of their lives, the NFL preseason.