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Random Ramsdom: The Eve of Preseason

The Rams are on their way to Cleveland. In just over 24 hours the St. Louis Rams will suit up for the first time this season. Hopes and expectations are high. Will this be a team that can meet these lofty goals?

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As we press further and further into the pre-season expectations seem to be rising for the St. Louis Rams. While most agree that the team is still recovering from years of ineptitude, the players no longer feel like victims in that cruel reality. This is probably because almost none of the players on the current roster had to experience the drudgery of the dark-ages first hand. But, will this team be able to rise to the challenge that is beginning to be placed on them? Can this be a 10-6 team, a playoff team, an NFC West champion, or even a Super Bowl champion?

Let's not put the cart before the horse. On to today's news...

Danario Alexander tears ACL again:

It's very sad to hear that this former Rams is once again experiencing what is likely career-ending knee surgery. This will be his 6th operation on that knee. It is likely the end of his short NFL career. Alexander was a very talented player on the field, and flashed #1 receiver ability while playing for the Rams and Chargers, but simply was not able to maintain his health with any consistency.

Richardson is Rams #1 back:

Jeff Fisher seems awfully sure of Daryl Richardson as the Rams #1 back. Although there is a strong expectation that the Rams will employ a RB-by-commitee approach, these statements should come of no surprise to anyone following the Rams this season. Richardson is currently #1 on the depth chart heading into the first pre-season game, Isaiah Pead is suspended for the first game, and the rookies have yet to establish themselves. There is no benefit to giving any other response. Richardson is a fine back, but most should know by now that from this day forward all other Rams backs will be slowly taking his carries away.

SI Snapshot of Rams training camp:

Is the storyline for the Rams really how young the team is? Perhaps it is. It sure does seem like all of the excitement and drama comes out of the appearance of so many young players. However, the story that makes the most sense to me is if this is Sam Bradford's big year or not. I won't use the overdone phrase "make or break", simply because it assumes Bradford will be good or bad. Sam has never been bad. Fans just expect him to be better, and there is a frustration that will mount if that improvement is not shown this year (mainly in the win and loss column).

Bruce says Rams belong in St. Louis:

This is a fun read, but let's be honest Issac Bruce is talking to the St. Louis media about something that he has no control over. Regardless, it's fun and interesting to hear a legends perspective on why the team should stay in St. Louis. Remember, Issac played for the team in LA and St. Louis.

Patrick Peterson on offense a growing reality:

As much as this is being played up, I doubt it ever amounts to more than just a few plays. But, even if Peterson did carve out an offensive role for himself, is anyone really afraid of a niche player that could easily be defended against? Arizona tried the same thing several years ago with Dominique Rogers-Cromartie. They had DRC sprinting fly patterns down the field that even the 2011 Rams could defend against. Arizona may be best keeping their star player where he is best suited.

Rams Stock Watch - August 7th:

It's always nice to get the latest perspective on how players are performing in practice. The notes about Ray ray Armstrong are true. In my first hand accounts of practice, I noted that he appeared to have great potential as well.

Stay classy Rams fans...