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Rams Vs. Browns: Players to watch

Get your popcorn ready, it's almost time for the Rams to hit the field.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Football is back. The St. Louis Rams will play the Cleveland Browns on Thursday. Although it's an exhibition game, this game will be the first glimpse of the new-look Rams. Don't expect to see anything more than a vanilla game plan, also don't expect the starters to play much in this game, or you could end up disappointed.

Does anyone besides NFL Network or ESPN care about the wins and loses during preseason? No. But many of us care about how certain players look. For much of the game we will see many players fighting to earn playing time.

There are so many players to watch. I could honestly name around 20 guys, but since this is just the first preseason game, I'll keep it simple.

Tavon Austin- As soon as the offense steps on the field all eyes will be on the rookie playmaker. He probably won't play much, and it will be interesting if the Rams will use him in different ways besides the slot this week. Everyone wants to watch him break a big gain in his first game. Thursday will be our first chance to watch the "human joystick".

Alec Ogletree- Another first-round pick, the Rams needed a speedy linebacker to not only run sideline and sideline, but to also cover the athletic offensive weapons that they will be facing this season. Ogletree has been talked up in training camp. It will be interesting to see just how good he is now.

Daryl Richardson- Richardson is hoping to build off of last season. He is currently the starter, and a couple of big runs against the Browns could help him outpace the other runners hoping to snag the starting job from him.

Ray Ray Armstrong- Armstrong is a fan favorite. He used to be a standout safety, but now he will be trying to make the roster as an outside linebacker. Will the position move allow him to stick on the final roster? It's too early to tell but, a good game against the Browns won't hurt things.

Michael Brockers- He is the Rams' man child. Brockers has the skills to be a cornerstone on the defensive line. He improved every game he played, and by the end of the season he was pretty damn good. Reports out of camp say that Brockers has been impressive, but let's see how he does against a good Browns offensive line.

Who will you be watching when the Rams play the Browns?