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Tavon Austin On Helmet Cam

Come on, the only thing better than seeing rookie playmaker Tavon Austin mic'd up during training camp is him mic'd up during the season. But since the season hasn't started this will have to do.

Al Bello

There were many reasons NFL fans wanted their team to draft Tavon Austin and also many reasons why the St. Louis Rams traded up in the draft to choose him. He's quick. He's a playmaker. He's elusive. He's the human joystick. When you're watching Tavon Austin play, some of the things that he does are straight out of the Madden football game series.

Honestly, how many fans don't watch this highlight video of Austin and can't wait to see what he does in blue and gold?

It's doubtful that we will see this electrifying man making lot's of plays during the pre-season, because the Rams don't want to reveal too much. There will be 16 regular season games to show off the "human joystick" off. Knowing this, the Rams decided to share with us a video of Austin on their website. Not just any video of Austin, but him mic'd up with a cam on his helm (yes, pats on the back for that rhyme).

In this video, that you can view on their site (we can't share the video if it's not on Youtube, sorry), you will see Austin being Austin. He jokes around, he interacts with teammates and coaches, run drills, catch passes and he teaches us a valauble lesson; he only has one gear and that's Honda!

To watch this video which should get you excited to watch Austin, head here.