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The Rams had a backup plan for Tavon Austin

Had the Rams not been able to land the West Virginia receiver, they had another player in mind.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

It's pretty clear that the St. Louis Rams wanted to add speed to the offense in the 2013 NFL Draft. They did that by trading up to get the Bills' eighth pick and nab Tavon Austin. But had they not been able to land Austin, they had another speedster in mind.

From Peter King:

During draft prep in St. Louis, the Rams privately knew if they somehow weren't able to get Austin, they'd have gone after Sanders, who is emerging in camp as the kind of versatile weapon Jacksonville hoped it was drafting last April.

South Carolina's Ace Sanders went to the Jaguars with a fourth-round pick.

Sanders is a tad bit smaller than Austin and lacks his overall speed. He also wasn't as much of a multitasker as Austin was, but some of that was certainly due to the different offenses the two played in during college. Sanders is explosive, and his quickness left defenders eating dust on more than a few occasions.

He's yet to crack the starting rotation in Jacksonville, but word is he's making a very strong case for it.

Fortunately, the Rams did land Austin, as you may have heard. And it should make for one of the most dynamic offenses the Dome has seen since, well, you know.