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Random Ramsdom: Preseason finale feels good, bring on Week 1!

A good Friday to you Rams Nation! Staying up to watch the entire game was worth it. Those guys on the bubble are really fun to watch. There are a few players we would really like to see hang around, but the 53 man roster cuts are looming. Watching this last preseason game, you couldn't help but feel excited about Rams football. Our 2nd and 3rd string didn't look to shabby. Click on for game time reactions and follow-ups from around the pundit pool.

Quick Catching Balls!
Quick Catching Balls!
Dilip Vishwanat


Daniel Doelling likes what he sees!

The St. Louis Rams a sleeper?

ESPN 101 Podcast Coach Venturi on the Rams goal-offense.

Mason Brodine showing his skills. William Hayes looks happy!

Mason's Brother is too!

The Rams saw a lot of laundry on the field before the half!

CTE takes Center Stage

Former Ram D'Marco Farr has legitimate worries about his future after the NFL settlement in the landmark lawsuit brought on by more than 4,500 players for $756 million. The Hair made an appearance in the booth.

Hit. Hard Hit. BAM!

The Rams Reach Out

Just because you play professional sports doesn't mean you can't be human. The Ram's community outreach rocks.

Really Dude?

Just Made You Famous Kid, Nice Moves.

Wagoner is glad it's over!

If you want more Social Media snacks click here. The new format at the Rams official website is worth a bookmark.

Ravens Instant Reaction

What to Watch Revisited- Nick Wagoner

Things You Can't Un-see:

Twerk It Girl

Pitbull Hostage

Pale Ale

Real World News:

Grand Canyon in Greenland?

T-Mobile and AT&T Not Playing Nice

To Pot Or Not?