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Rams legend Rosey Grier addresses the team; Team will honor Deacon Jones

One of the all-time greats talked to the current group of Rams players on Saturday.


I waffle on whether or not Rosey Grier or Deacon Jones are my all-time favorite Rams players. Their playing days pre-date me just a little, but I wore out those old Crunch Course tapes as a kid watching what these two guys did on the field.

Grier is at the Dome on Saturday for Fan Fest, and he took some time to talk to the team before hand. Here's the photo from the Rams' Instagram feed.

Also worth noting, team EVP/COO Kevin Demoff told fans Saturday that the team will wear some kind of patch or decal on the uniforms this year to honor Jones. Here's what I wrote about Deacon following the news of his death.

That man's had an amazing career off the field too. Just ask him about knitting some time.

Props to the Rams for bringing back the emphasis on the franchise's legacy lately, whether it's Bruuuuuce tutoring the rookies or Grier addressing the team, it's great to see.