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The St. Louis Rams Likely To Keep 5 Wide Receivers

Who needs an extra receiver? When you have the Rams "Fab Five"

Will the Rams cut Tavon Austin? Probably not
Will the Rams cut Tavon Austin? Probably not
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams will likely only keep five receivers, according to former all-pro Torry Holt during the broadcast of the game this evening.

The Rams top 5 receivers are obvious; Tavon Austin, Chris Givens, Stedman Bailey, Austin Pettis, and Brian Quick. These have been the Rams' top receivers ever since the NFL Draft this past April.

If you're worried about the Rams receiver depth, you shouldn't because of the addition of veteran tight end Jared Cook, who will be a movable chess piece. There's a good chance Cook will see more snaps as a receiver than a tight end.

No player has really stood out enough for the Rams to keep them on the final roster. Raymond Radway was impressive against the Cleveland Browns, but he did nothing after it, and was cut in the first roster trim. The Rams also released Andrew Helmick, who impressed many in camp before he was sidelined with an injury. The other receivers were just okay. But Hall of Fame and former Rams' running back Marshall Faulk had this to say.

More than likely the team would add Justin Veltung to the practice squad. He would more than likely be safe; however another team can pounce on him. Still, it's a way that the Rams can keep him as an insurance policy.