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St. Louis Rams 2013 season preview: Football Sickness podcast talks Tavon, Bradford and more

The 2013 season is right around the corner. The good folks at Football Sickness welcomed TST to their podcast previewing the Rams.


The St. Louis Rams are hard to figure out.

There's talent on the roster, and if you're just taking a hard count of talented players, the Rams are better off than they have been in years.

But then there's the experience factor. Some of the most talented players on the roster are rookies or second-year players. It takes even the best players time to adjust and reach their peak levels of ability. And that could be a factor that limits how far the Rams can go this season, especially in a tough division that includes two of the best teams with the deepest rosters in the NFL right now.

Some people are predicting a trip to the playoffs. Some people are picking a 6-10 backslide before a leap forward.

I joined the guys at Football Sickness this week to talk about the 2013 Rams, where they're headed and some predictions for players and the final record.

Go give it a listen. Most importantly, subscribe to their podcast, because it's one of the most intelligent shows out there for football fans.