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Random Ramsdom: St. Louis Rams, NFL Preseason News, & Roster Predictions

In seven days the NFL’s regular season will kick off. Until then, there’s plenty of high-quality preseason football to keep you occupied. The St. Louis Rams will host the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens tonight. Steve Spagnuolo will be there!


Good Thursday morning, football fans! Tonight the St. Louis Rams will play their final preseason game, at home, against the NFL’s defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens. Joe Flacco’s unibrow will be in attendance, but don’t expect to see much of the starting cast from either team. Preventing crippling injuries is important, but winning in the preseason is the most important thing ever...

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>At 0-3, Rams have &quot;clinched&quot; first losing preseason since 2006. But is that a bad thing? Maybe not. . . .</p>&mdash; Jim Thomas (@jthom1) <a href="">August 28, 2013</a></blockquote>
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Oh no! First losing preseason since 2006? That’s terrible. How will I make it through the day? The only way I know how… compiling pertinent links about the St. Louis Rams, cross stitching, and Golden Girls re-runs. First things first…

And the 2013 NFL Preseason Award Goes Tooooooo…[VIDEO]:

No, not Brandon Gibson. Willie McGinest and LaDainian Tomlinson hand out a few preseason awards for Standout Player, Most Impressive Rookie, and Most Surprising Team. One Rams player has made quite the impression on McGinest. Any guesses?

Deep Thoughts with Jac….Jeff Fisher [VIDEO]:

The Rams’ Head Coach undoes all the buttons on his polo for this one. From how impressive Sam Bradford has been to the super-secret under-utilization of Tavon Austin, Fisher let’s it all hang out. Seriously though, that’s a lot of chest hair. Fingers crossed that they hand out Fisher chest-pieces at the home opener!

A Few NFL Teams You Don’t Want To Sleep On In 2012:

The Rams a sleeper? Say it ain’ so!’s Jason Smith points out how the Rams will improve on a bounce-back 7-8-1 campaign in 2012, and how they’ll be vying for an NFC Wild Card spot. If I can go back for a moment, I’d like to clarify that this is a different Jason Smith…this one’s never personally let you down. It’s ok to click the link.

Six Rams Who Can Help Themselves: ESPN

NFL teams have only two more days to solidify their final 53-man rosters. The window of opportunity for ‘bubble’ players to prove their worth grows smaller by the second. The Rams will play their final preseason game tonight against the Ravens. Here are six youngsters that need to leave it all on the field.

Rams Roster Analysis - Offense: ESPN

Nick Wagoner gives an in-detph analysis of the Rams projected offense in comparison to the number of players they kept by position in 2012. He’s got the Rams keeping 25 offensive players in 2013, up one from last year. Which position adds a little more depth?

Rams Roster Analysis - Defense/Specialists: ESPN

Wagoner, who know you were chompin' at the bit after his first read, gives you his projections for the Rams’ defensive unit and special teams. Any of his 28 selections come as a surprise to you? Would you alter his depth chart?

49ers’ Punter Andy Lee Plans To Unveil "Knuckleball Punt": Pro Football Talk

Oh, it’s super cool, bro! Andy Lee punts the ball and it moves around like a knuckleball would in baseball. Catching it would difficult. For Tavon Austin, it would just be an ugly punt that he’d return 81 yards or more...

Five Things To Watch In Ravens Game: Rams’ Official Site

There’s no need to risk costly injuries in the 4th game of the preseason. That being said, be prepared for a heaping helping of rookies, many of whom are playing for their livelihood. There are still several aspects of the game to monitor in tonight’s matchup against the Ravens. Many players still find themselves in position battles that could earn them playing time…or unemployment.

Ten Players That Will Make An Impact in 2013: Football Nation

The guessing game won’t be much fun as one Rams player earned not only a spot on this list, but the picture to go with it. A pleasant surprise from the 2012 draft, Daryl Richardson has earned the starting job at running back in St. Louis. He’s turning heads.

From Potential to Production: Ramblin’ Fan

You won’t find many who argue that the Rams’ 2012 draft was a success. Aside from a couple of players drafted in the 2nd round, and one who’s already been cut, the Rams found gems both at the top and back ends of their draft. Ramblin’ Fan provides a refresher on the Rams’ sophomores and what you can expect in 2013.

Release the Tavon!: Rant Sports

There are probably some - call them overzealous - Rams fans who find themselves slightly disappointed with Tavon Austin’s production thus far in the preseason. He’s only caught a few passes, but there’s no need to panic. Jeff Fisher’s being all sneaky, sneaky with his shiny new 174 lb. weapon.

Austin Davis Hopeful To Earn Backup QB Gig:

One position battle that has yet to find it’s resolve is that of backup quarterback. Austin Davis entered the preseason as the Rams #2, with veteran Kellen Clemens not far behind. Neither have impressed this preseason. Tonight’s game will provide plenty of both. Who’s it going to be? Free agency anyone?

Evan Silva’s Updated Top 150: RotoWorld

If you haven’t already had your fantasy football draft, it’s probably because you’re living in fear of another NFL player accompanying "out for the season" in a headline. No worries, you’ve still got time. If you need a nice little cheat sheet, Evan Silva ranks just about every player you should consider in a 10-team league.

Adam Rank’s 11 Fantasy Sleepers:

Well look who it is…Mr. Popular again. Daryl Richardson is featured in yet another article about being a sleeper with huge upside. Adam Rank mentions that Richardson is "one of the few true starting running backs out there who isn't in a committee." Did I miss something?

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>. . .Only 20 of 60 playoff teams over last 5 years had a winning record in preseason.</p>&mdash; Jim Thomas (@jthom1) <a href="">August 28, 2013</a></blockquote>
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Shew! You had me going there for a minute, Jim. Moments before all hope was lost, you reeled me back to sanity with that little nugget of information. Bless you, Mr. Thomas. Bless you.

Enjoy the game tonight, Rams Nation. Here’s to a game - win or lose - where both teams exit unscathed. See you good folks next Thursday…where we’ll be hours away from the NFL's season opener. And on that note, now is the time for you to do this.