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Random Ramsdom: Eve of preseasons end

The preseason is almost complete. Teams will quickly cut their rosters to 53 players, and begin their final preparations for week 1 of the 2013-2014 NFL season.

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Hard decisions for Rams loom on cut day

The Rams will cut some good players when it comes time to trim the roster. Unfortunately, there are still a few spots that need a little TLC. What players do you think will be the hardest to cut?

Rams surround young players with positive influences

The Rams are a young team filled with talent, but if we've learned anything in professional sports it's that talent isn't always enough. The "X-factor" for achievement in sports is often found in personal development. Are the Rams innovators in this area?

Rams coach Fisher hungry in year two

It's easy to forget that Jeff Fisher has only been calling the shots at Rams park for 1 year. In his second year, what can fans expect from the team? Expectations have certainly been high. Are those expectations warranted? Sure, I doubt Jeff Fisher expects any less from his team or fan base.

Tavon Austin is a mystery

Fans should have expected that Jeff Fisher and Brian Schottenhiemer would be keeping many of their Tavon Austin options close to the vest. I would expect Tavon Austin to assume a lot of roles inside of the offense. The Rams may be drawing inspiration from the way teams have used players like Darren Sproles, Percy Harvin, and other prolific receiver/running-back hybrids.

No hits below the waist?

Would the NFL really modify the defenseless receiver rule to include hits that target a players knees? It makes sense, given the current nature of things in the NFL. It seems to be the way thing are trending. The concept of the defenseless player is really what many of these new rules will revolve around. The NFL and players union will have to tread lightly here, because all rules can and will be exploited.The last things fans want to see is a game that appears to lack fairness or competitiveness. There is a happy medium between making the sport safer and keeping it competitive. Let's hope the NFL doesn't go overboard in fear of judicial repercussions.

Notable cuts as of today

Here's a list of some of the more notable training camp cuts up to this point. Anyone stick out to you?

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