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Season Preview Question #6 - What Records Might the 2013 Rams Break?

As the season preview goes on, we look at the history books and what it would take to re-write them in 2013.


This one's a bit unfair to a franchise like ours.

Some teams have yet to experience a golden era, a time where legacies are forged and postseason successes are found.

The Rams aren't one of those teams.

From the Norm Van Brocklin-led Rams of the early 1950s to the Fearsome Foursome into the GSOT, the Rams have HOFers and records beyond what many teams have collected.

So it's a bit difficult to find an easy answer to this one...

What franchise or NFL records could be broken this season?

Let's take this on pretty simply. There's very, very little chance we break any offensive records. I think the only chance of making history there rests on the shoulders of Tavon Austin and his chance at breaking a rookie receiving records...which is an amazingly tall task, hence the fact they're records.

First off, we're not hitting any career records here. So it's single-season or nothing for us in 2013.

Here are the NFL records (all stats via Pro Football Reference):

Record Name, Team (Yr) #
Receptions Anquan Boldin, ARI (2003) 101
Rec. Yds. Bill Groman, HOU (1960)* 1,473
Anquan Boldin, ARI (2003) 1,377
Yds./Rec. (minimum 16 rec.)
Bucky Pope, LA (1964) 31.44
Rec. TD Randy Moss, MIN (1998) 17
Rec. Yds./Game Bill Groman, HOU (1960)* 105.2
Billy Howton, GB (1952) 102.6

* - The Oilers were in the AFL until the AFL-NFL merger in 1970

Yikes. Let's look at the Rams' records.

Record Name (Yr) #
Receptions Eddie Kennison (1996) 54
Rec. Yds. Eddie Kennison (1996) 924
Yds./Rec. (minimum 16 rec.) Bucky Pope, LA (1964) 31.44
Rec. TD Bucky Pope, LA (1964) 10
Rec. Yds./Game Eddie Kennison (1996) 61.6

It'd be awfully optimistic to automatically put those in reach. I think it's something that if Austin gets off to a hot start, we can deal with it down the road. But 54 receptions in 16 games is serious production for any rookie.

How about defense? I don't see anything there. Nobody's come close to the interception record held by Night Train Lane in 1952 with 14, so let's put that out. And rookie-wise, if James Laurinaitis and Janoris Jenkins aren't going to be topped by Alec Ogletree and T.J. McDonald.

I think there's one set of records that could be broken this year, and not just Rams/rookie records.

One word.


Two words.

Young GZ.

Three words.

Greg Meffin'effin' Zuerlein.

He's going to kick a 70-yard field goal at some point in his career. He's got the most inexplicable leg I've ever seen. And he's got plus accuracy to boot. Get it? Kicker humor!

So let's be real. We're not looking for record-breaking numbers this year. We're priming for an era of success. If it happens therein? Great. And if it does, it's likely coming off the foot of GZ.