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St. Louis Rams vs. Baltimore Ravens: Players To Watch

Which players should you keep your eyes on this week?

It's time to ball baby
It's time to ball baby
Joe Robbins

The St. Louis Rams will end their preseason against the Baltimore Ravens tomorrow night. There's a chance that the starters can play into halftime, as it's also the last time that some players on the bubble of team will play an NFL snap.

As the last game, it makes sense to include players that must have a solid finale to either keep a starting spot or continue their play after shaky starts to the preseason. All 75 players are players that you should watch, but here's a handful that your attention should follow on Thursday:

Rodger Saffold: Saffold had a pretty good game coming back from injury. He was a little rusty and had his hands full during some passing plays, but he's an upgrade over last year's right tackle, Barry Richardson. Saffold needs the snaps at RT so he can get a better feel for the position after playing left tackle for years. He should be fine- his problem has been staying healthy, not how he plays on the field.

Alec Ogletree: Ogletree's first two preseason games were forgettable. He played pretty bad, but he balanced all that off with a hell of a performance against the Broncos last week. Can he put together a solid performance against the Ravens? That's something worth watching.

Rodney McLeod: He's been a surprise. When Darian Stewart went down, McLeod came in and has been impressive ever since. He isn't a great player, but he doesn't look like a liability on the field like the player he is replacing. Another solid game and he could be the other starting safety for the Rams.

Stedman Bailey/ Brian Quick: Both receivers have been solid playing against 2nd and 3rd string players. Sadly the team has yet to let them get quality snaps with the starters. Could there be a change this week? Maybe, maybe not, but a solid game for these two could at least earn them some extra snaps for the first game of the season.

Trumaine Johnson: Tru has had an up and down preseason. He has allowed a few receptions, but that's not a giant concern given it's still preseason. However, his tackling hasn't been up to par. It will be interesting to see if Tru builds on his solid play last week.

Cody Davis: Davis has slowly been falling in the depth chart; he's now with the 3rd string. He will most likely be competing with Matt Daniels as the 4th safety. If the Rams want five safeties, Davis will make the cut. If Davis doesn't make it, there's a good chance that the Rams can stash him on their practice squad.

Chris Williams and Shelley Smith: Sadly, I haven't really paid attention to the left guard battle. Oops, sorry you guys. Against the Broncos, Williams looked like a solid option, but since I haven't really watched them with the exception of last week, it would be hard for me to pick one over the other. Hopefully Fisher makes it easy and just names a starter.

Zac Stacy: It sounds like many fans are falling off the Stacy-could-start train. Stacy is a solid runner that offers toughness, and he can catch dump offs. It was an over-exaggeration when many believed Stacy would win the Rams starting running back job, but he could be prove to be a good running back with the ability to tough it out and gain enough for the first down on short yardage downs. But, we still need to see more of Stacy.