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NFL roster cuts: Rams down to 75 players

Two more moves on Tuesday afternoon put the St. Louis Rams' roster at the 75-man limit.


The St. Louis Rams made the last two moves ahead of Tuesday's deadline to cut the roster to 75 players. On Tuesday, the team cut linebacker Jabara Williams and moved offensive guard Ryan Lee to injured reserve, according to Jim Thomas.

Williams originally joined the Rams when the last regime used a seventh-round pick on him in the 2011 NFL Draft. He was cut in October of that year, and the Chicago Bears snatched him off the wire. He made his way back to the Rams in 2012, joining the team's practice squad.

An influx of young linebackers since then made Williams expendable, especially with undrafted free agent Ray-Ray Armstrong making waves in camp and preseason games. Sammy Brown out of Houston and Daren Bates from Auburn have also played their way into a tough decision for the coaches ahead of the next round of cuts.

The Rams were expected to either waive/injured Lee or move him to the injured reserve list. On IR, he'll get to stick around the team facilities and have another shot next year.

St. Louis started this first round of roster cuts at 88 players, following Terrance Ganaway's decision to leave football for graduate school. This week's roster moves are as follows:

Brett Baer, K
Demetrus Fields, WR
Andrew Helmick, WR
Jorgen Hus, LS
Tim Jenkins, QB
Al Lapuaho, DT
Joseph Lebeau, LB
Ryan Lee, OL (IR)
Graham Pocic, OL (waived/injured)
Colby Prince, TE
Raymond Radway, WR
Robert Steeples, CB
Jabara Williams, LB

That's the first round. By the end of the day on Saturday, Aug. 31, all 32 NFL teams have to be down to their final 53-man rosters. And I use the term "final" loosely, since teams usually make a few more moves to swap out players on that 53-man roster with others being released.