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Season Preview Question #5 - How Long Will Jeff Fisher Last?

Halfway through the nonet of questions to preview the season for SBN, we talk about Jeff Fisher.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

We've had a couple questions thus far that have spurred understandable debate. Not this one.

What are the odds of your head coach getting fired?

It's not 0%. It's never 0%. But it's pretty much 0.01%.

The Rams tried elevating coordinators to see if they could handle the challenges that come with promotion. With Mike Martz, Scott Linehan and Steve Spagnuolo, the efforts failed. Certainly, management did them no favors allowing the Greatest Show on Turf to expire and failing to find adequate replacements on offense while building a credible defense.

Spagnuolo was close to the latter, but the failed middle and late round draft picks, the injuries and his micromanagement did him in. Linehan's tenure coincided with some of the worst drafting I've ever seen or heard of by an NFL team. And it's hard to fault Martz too much for trying to ride out a roster with Marshall Faulk, Orlando Pace, Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt on offense for as long as Father Time lets you.

So there have been recent disappointments, some stretched out, others short (and yet long enough). Fisher, though, is just getting started. He's nearly sanitized the roster of the unwanted players from previous regimes. He's brought the lessons he learned in handling guys like Albert Haynesworth, Kenny Britt and Adam Jones and helped GM Les Snead craft formulated processes to incorporate young players like Janoris Jenkins and Alec Ogletree into more structured environments (then again, #stripclubready...).

In short, Fisher has a process. Snead has a plan. And with two first round picks awaiting them in the 2014 NFL Draft, neither's going anywhere any time soon.