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Needed: Veteran Wide Receiver for Up and Coming Franchise

Recently released veteran wide-out Braylon Edwards could be a fit for the already WR heavy St. Louis Rams.

Jim McIsaac

Today, the New York Jets released wide receiver Braylon Edwards. While Edwards has been a nomad for the last few years - having served time with the Browns, Jets, 49ers, Seahawks, and Jets again - there was a time when his skills were sought after and admired by NFL front offices. More than a few teams tried to capture his services during his free-agent periods.

Here's a look at his career performance via What you might have noticed is Edward's 2009-2010 years with the Jets, when he served under St. Louis Rams Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. His 1445 yards is not too shabby for a two year stint; especially when you consider Mark Sanchez was his quarterback, and that the Jets weren't exactly a pass heavy team.

Edwards isn't going to come onto a team and put up Randy Moss while he was with the Patriots numbers, but he could provide a veteran presence on a team that's sorely lacking in this regard. He's also very familiar with the way Schottenheimer runs his offense. While bringing in Edwards could further push the current receivers on the bubble down the depth chart, there would be no harm in giving him a chance.