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Season Preview Question #2 - Which Game to Attend?

If you could only attend one game on the Rams' schedule this year, which one would it be?

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The SBN season preview series continues on...

If you could buy a ticket to just one game this year...

The runners up:

Week 2 - @ ATL

The Falcons open up with a divisional game on the road against the Saints and hit the road again in week 3 in Miami. You could make the argument that this game is already somewhat trappy for the Falcons who are certainly expecting a playoff berth at a minimum this season. Given the quality of the opponent and the chance to grab a big road upset, this game already has a claim to the mantle here. Throw in the Steven Jackson angle, and this is top-level stuff.

Week 4 - v. SF

A Thursday night game against the divisional rival 49ers? Automatic berth.

Week 13 - @ SF

This one's a bit different. A sandwich game for the Niners as they come off a short week following a Monday Night Football game in DC against the Redskins and ahead of a consecutive intra-NFC West battle against the Seahawks, the Niners likely don't have fond memories of the Rams coming to Candlestick (pretty sure we're 80% responsible for their new grounds, Levi's Stadium...). Given that this one comes at the three-quarter pole of the season, you might have to throw in playoff implications all around, meaning much of the rest of the NFC will be eying this one as well

Week 17 - @ SEA

This one is all up to fate. If either team is relying on a win to make the playoffs, this likely ends up looming larger than any other game on the slate. If this game ends up being inconsequential to the postseason, it'll be subsumed by other must-see options. As of right now, the odds point toward this having an impact across the conference. So why isn't this my pick? It's not in the Lou. If I'm picking one Rams game to attend this year, it has to be...

Week 8 - v. SEA

Seahawks + only Monday Night Football game for the Rams + in the Ed = the game I'd rather be at than any other on the schedule...

Although that NFC Championship Game in St. Louis sure looks tempting too...