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St. Louis Rams: Roster Cut Down Day - Aug. 27th - Is Looming Large


Around 480 players will have their NFL dreams given a body blow this coming Tuesday. Teams across the NFL will be making hard choices, and no one can envy those awkward moments after a player - whose been summoned to the coach's office - walks through the door. "I want to thank you...", or "It just wasn't meant to be, but keep trying..." could be a few of the things a coach may say to a cut player. Hand shakes and best wishes are followed by someone asking for a playbook, then a slow, painful walk out the door...

The NFL has set its affordable limits at 53 players. I'd love to see roster numbers expanded, but it isn't going to happen. I'm not the only one who gets to experience a dark horse favorite to make the roster being summarily cut; later to be picked up by another team to try once again. This year, after watching these 90 young guys trying their hearts out in Rams' training camp, it may be the toughest cut down session yet for the team's fans. Who will make it? Who won't?

What's worse, is four days later - on August 31st - another 700-ish players will hit the waiver wires. 1200 players are about to hit the unemployment lines over the six days. If anyone is wondering if NFL players are sleeping well after this weekend's games, don't. All these young men will be replaying the opportunities they've been given to make their individual teams. The good plays will make them smile, while the bad ones will make them groan and lament what could've been if only... If only...

We as NFL fans are rarely right about which players will make an NFL roster. I can't remember a year where a few, "You've got to be kidding me?" observations didn't escape my lips after a player I thought would make the roster was shown the door.

This has to be the worst week of the year to be an NFL coach. The pruning of an NFL roster is more akin to a blood letting. Coaches get attached to players just as fans do. Most teams utilize a coaching and front office committee approach as they willow down the keepers from the dross. Arguments will erupt, and heads will be shaken. In the end, each team will have 53 survivors. The only question left to fans, is who will stay or go?

Give me your first round of cuts prediction in the comment thread below, and let's see how objective you can be? Who's on the bubble, with a razor's chance of making the roster and why?

Update via Rampage28 and Nick Wagoner from ESPN:

Rams not making cuts known but when they do, expect WR Andrew Helmick to be on the list. Am told by league sources he’s been released.
Not a good day for local products. CB Robert Steeples among first group being released as well.
No surprise here: LS Jorgen Hus and P/K Brett Baer also being released by Rams.