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The Quick Five: Rams vs. Broncos

Can we open the floodgates yet?

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I think we've all been waiting for something like this to happen. Sure, the game plan was still sparse, but the Rams finally put it all together on the field and it was impressive. Overall, the team looked fluid. They jived. They tackled. For the most part, they resembled a very capable team. Let's hope they stay that way for nineteen more games.

But for now, let's enjoy. Here's who stood out the most:


Wow. Have you been waiting for this for three weeks? I know I have. Tavon Austin was everything as advertised and more, nearly taking a punt return to the house in the first quarter. The Rams may have tipped their hand in terms of how they'll use him, but I expect there are a few more wrinkles in the works for Austin.

His elusiveness was on display last night; pundits said he was too small and would have injury concerns. But seriously, can you name anyone who can catch him?


Jeff Fisher was on the radar this week talking about the Rams lack of rookie hazing (well, for the most part). But talk of him as a players coach all boils down to whether or not the team buys into him. They do. The sloppy play hasn't been erased, but the team threw down at a near 180° from where they were last week.

While the stats don't tell the whole story, the Rams went toe-to-toe with an AFC heavyweight and walked away just fine. Fisher deserves a lot of credit for that.


Is it too cliche to call this game Alec Ogletree's coming out party? He still needs to work on his tackling, but after nearly intercepting Peyton Manning twice, he also decided to force a fumble and score a touchdown. I'd say his starting spot is securen.

It's a tough call, but as far as rookies go, I think he had the best game. Do you agree?


The cookie monster has spoketh. That one pass for his touchdown was all I needed to see- the waiting may finally be over for Jared Cook. He wasn't 'utilized' correctly in Tennessee, but as the veteran, go-to guy in St. Louis, I think this is going to be his year.

Let's hope so, because the Rams really need that move-the-chains receiver tight end.


Daryl Richardson didn't have the best night. The Broncos' have a ferocious front seven led by the pseudo-suspended Von Miller. DRich had a tough night picking up blitzes and also couldn't gain much traction on the ground.

Sure, the blocking wasn't impressive. But his limitations where pretty evident last night. Last week, I thought he had a great game. This week, I was brought back to Earth. Does you think he has enough in his repertoire to be workhouse back? Commence discussion.

Not featured, but not forgotten:

  • Eugene Sims had an impressive game. I'm sure it was an emotional one as well and my hat is off to him for his dedication; no one would have thought any less if he wasn't in Denver.
  • Ray Ray Armstrong has locked down a roster spot, as has Cody Davis.
  • Chris Williams looks to have the slightest lead against Shelley Smith. I think he'll be named the starter.
  • While the Rams have problems with backup quarterbacks, at least they aren't the Jets. Do you think they're regretting dumping Tim Tebow at this point?

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