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St. Louis Rams preseason 2013: Which players are standing out?

The Rams are halfway through the preseason. Which players on the roster have been the most impressive so far?

Yeah I'm impressive
Yeah I'm impressive
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The St. Louis Rams have played two preseason games so far. With only two more exhibition games remaining until the regular season begins, it's time to talk about the players that have impressed so far this preseason.

There could be more names on this list, but I've tried to keep it small, quality over quantity right? The most logical way to narrow the list is just to add players that impressed me. You won't see players like Chris Long and Robert Quinn on the list, but that's because they have been doing what's expected of them.

Anyway, here's the list.

Sam Bradford: There's no way to start this list without including the franchise quarterback. Obviously, it's preseason and Bradford has looked good during preseason before, but this year he looks like a different QB. So far his QB rating is 125. He has 1 touchdown and no interception. He's completed 65% of his passes, and most of the incompletions were on drops or over throwing a 5'9 player, which is a good sign. He's playing more confident, throwing better passes, and he even looks better in the pocket.

It's a wonder what a good pocket and solid weapons does for a young QB, who knows, maybe Ron Jaworski will call Bradford the best quarterback of all time next year.

Jared Cook: The Rams have to be happy to have Cook, and Cook has to be happy to have a QB to throw him  the ball. His stat line of one catch and 37 yards won't wow you (still a pretty damn good play), but he will be a good chess piece. More than likely he will be the Rams second-best receiving target, not too shabby for a new player. Also what's really impressed me is his blocking, he's not a liability like some thought he would be.

Chris GIvens: Cook will more than likely be the second-best receiving target because Givens will be the top guy. It appears as though Givens will continue where he left off last season. He's caught two deep bombs, so far, and it was being reported before the season started that he's been working on short yardage passes and moving around in formations as well.

Joe Barksdale: He's a surprise. When Rodger Saffold went down (again), Barksdale took over the right tackle position. He's held it down the last two games. He hasn't been perfect, but if Saffold goes down, Barksdale should be able to hold his own as a starter.

Ray Ray Armstrong: Armstrong has been a big surprise. How many safeties can make the transition from safety to outside linebacker, after missing their last season in college? Not many. He hasn't been an all-star, but he could end up staying on the team for a long time.

Daryl Richardson: The Rams No. 1 running back only had to rush the ball a few times this offseason to establish that he should be the starter. Honestly, I thought he and Isaiah Pead would actually have a good battle, but Richardson has run away with the job and doesn't appear to be looking back anytime soon.

T.J. McDonald: The Rams were higher on McDonald than probably a lot of the other teams in the league. So far, he hasn't been a disappointment. I'm not saying that he's been perfect, because he hasn't, but so far he's shown that he's not a weak link on a defense that wants to finish in the top 10 this season.

Did I miss someone that I should have included? Who do you think has been the most impressive?