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Running Back Terrance Ganaway Quits Football

Sometimes it makes sense to just call it quits.

Brett Deering

Football is a hard and demanding job, and sometimes it's best to walk away on your own terms. That's what Terrance Ganaway decided to do today. According to Jim Thomas, Ganaway decided to quit pursuing his dream of football and is instead heading back to college to finish his degree.

The St. Louis Rams claimed Ganaway off waivers after he was waived by the New York Jets last season. He found a way to stick on the Rams roster while only making 3 appearances on the field. During the off-season, Ganaway had his named mentioned on multiple news outlets, when it was discovered that he was working at Jimmy John's in his free time.

It made sense to assume the Rams could use him as a big back as a short yardage runner this season. But the Rams look to be headed in a new direction when they drafted Zac Stacy in the 5th round and the team appears to be high on UDFA Benny Cunningham.

Losing Ganaway won't present a blow to the Rams. He was most likely the 5th option before he decided to call it quits. So good luck to the future CEO of Jimmy John's, and wherever life takes him.